12 Dec 2013. By William Manley.

stb-tester maintainer and original author David Röthlisberger gave a presentation on stb-tester at the GStreamer conference in Edinburgh in October. It includes:

  • An overview of stb-tester
  • An example of an stb-tester script
  • A demo of a web-ui for running scripts with stb-tester
  • A demo of the html triage interface.
  • An example of a test library modelling a menu which can be reused to make tests easier to write, more robust and lower maintainance.
  • An example of modelling a UI as a state machine to allow exhaustive testing of UIs.
  • Discussion of how stb-tester fits into the software development lifecycle.
  • How GStreamer is used by stb-tester and the advantages it provides.
  • How to use stb-tester to test UIs running in virtual machines.

See the video on UbiCast’s website.