04 Apr 2014. By William Manley.

stb-tester 0.19 has been released. This is a beta release intended to allow for wider testing rather than production use.

stb-tester 0.19 is based on GStreamer 1.0 rather than 0.10. This change puts us in a strong position to add additional features in the future (such as smart-tv-support). It will also allow us to take advantage of any improvements that are made to GStreamer in the future as GStreamer 0.10 is no-longer maintained.

Unfortunately porting means some short-term discomfort:

  • We have made significant changes to the stb-tester internals and while we have done internal testing we can’t be certain that there are no regressions.
  • This has also involved changes upstream in GStreamer fixing regressions with some hardware. This complicates deployment as patched versions of GStreamer have to be installed.
  • You likely need to update your source_pipeline.

stb-tester 0.19 also contains some great new features enabling more flexibility in writing generic test scripts and libraries and improvements to make it easier to deploy on Ubuntu. For more information see the release notes, backwards compatibility notes and the 0.19 bug list.

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