31 Mar 2015.

Stb-tester v22 is now available.

This release brings many bug-fixes and usability improvements.

It also introduces powerful new APIs that make managing your testcases much easier; see this blog post for details.

Upgrade instructions if you use the stb-tester ONE

Release notes.

Your stb-tester ONE will prompt you when it is ready to install the upgrade. Click the green “Install software update” button. This won’t change the behaviour of any of your testcases.

Then we recommend that you update your .stbt.conf file in your test-pack git repository: Change stbt_version from 0.21 to 22. This might change the behaviour of some of your testcases if they print unicode strings, if they use MatchResult.image, or if they use assert to check for logic errors in the testcase itself instead of asserting a failure in the system-under-test. See the release notes for details.

If you don’t use the stb-tester ONE

Release notes.

Fedora and Ubuntu packages are available at the usual locations (see the wiki for details).