10 Jul 2015.

Stb-tester v23 is now available, with a new option to run your testcases in random order, aiming to spend approximately the same amount of time in each testcase.

If your test pack consists of many short, targeted testcases, this can be an cheap way of increasing your test coverage to many different user journeys. This won’t be so effective if your testcases all have an initial setup step that resets the system-under-test to the same state (for example pressing CLOSE CLOSE CLOSE to exit any app and return to live TV). But if your testcase can figure out what screen/app of the system-under-test it’s in, and how to get from there to its desired screen, then you can get a lot of value from running your tests in random order, for very little cost.

Upgrade instructions if you use the stb-tester ONE

Release notes.

Your stb-tester ONE will prompt you when it is ready to install the upgrade. Click the green “Install software update” button.

Then update the .stbt.conf file in your test-pack git repository: Change stbt_version from 22 to 23. This is a separate step because the update includes a new version of the stb-tester test execution engine, to allow better control over such upgrades. In this case there are no breaking changes in stb-tester v23 so there’s no reason to hold back.

See the release notes for details.

If you don’t use the stb-tester ONE

Release notes.

Fedora and Ubuntu packages are available at the usual locations (see the wiki for details).