03 Jun 2016.

Stb-tester v25 is now available, with features that significantly improve the maintenance cost of your test scripts:

  • A FrameObject base class that makes it easier to use the Frame Object pattern in your test-pack. The Frame Object pattern simplifies testcase development and maintenance; Frame Objects are a layer of abstraction between your testcases and the stbt image processing APIs.

  • Tools to test your Frame Objects very easily without involving a real set-top box.

  • stbt-docker to run these tools on Macs and Windows.

Detailed tutorials will follow next week; for now please see the release notes.

If you use the stb-tester ONE

Release notes.

If your stb-tester ONE has an internet connection, it will automatically download the update and it will prompt you when it is ready to install. Just click the green “Install software update” button.

Then update the .stbt.conf file in your test-pack git repository: Change stbt_version from 24 to 25. This is a separate step because the update includes a new version of the stb-tester Python API, to allow better control over such upgrades. See the release notes for details.

If you don’t use the stb-tester ONE

Release notes.

Fedora and Ubuntu packages are available at the usual locations (see the wiki for installation instructions).