Is the stb-tester ONE upgraded to the latest software version?

The current installed version is shown in the top-right corner of the stb-tester ONE’s user interface:


Check that it matches the latest available version (see the Release notes for the latest version).

See Getting started for help on installing software updates.

When the system-under-test restarts, the stb-tester ONE loses video

Older versions of the stb-tester ONE (that shipped before June 2016) didn’t support HDCP. Placing an HDCP stripper between the system-under-test and the stb-tester ONE will fix this issue.

The set-top box intermittently ignores infrared keypresses

  • Check the position of the stb-tester ONE’s IR transmitter. This is a low-power transmitter (to avoid interfering with other set-top boxes in your test lab) so it has to be close against the set-top box’s IR receiver.

    Some set-top boxes are very sensitive to the placement of the transmitter; for example this set-top box has a cylindrical shield extending around the IR receiver diode, so the stb-tester ONE’s IR transmitter must be placed precisely in front of the diode.

    Using a torch (flashlight) can help you to see the position of the IR receiver behind the set-top box’s plastic case.

  • If you’re still seeing issues, send us your infrared configuration file to

OCR doesn’t understand my language

  • Install the necessary language pack by creating the file config/setup/setup with the following contents:

    #!/bin/bash -ex
    # Install Danish language support for OCR:
    sudo DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get install -y tesseract-ocr-dan

    …where “dan” is a three-letter ISO-639-3 language code.

    For more information about the config/setup/setup script see Customising the test-run environment.

  • Use the lang parameter when you call stbt.ocr and stbt.match_text —for example stbt.ocr(lang="dan")— or set the default language globally by setting lang in the [ocr] section of .stbt.conf.

Can’t select soak option “Run forever in random order”

The random soak option depends on the --shuffle functionality added to stb-tester v23. As such this option will be disabled unless test_pack.stbt_version in your .stbt.conf configuration file is set to 23 or above.

To enable this option modify your .stbt.conf configuration file to read:

stbt_version = 23

The web interface doesn’t show my other stb-tester devices

Stb-tester devices auto-discover other stb-tester devices on the same network using Zeroconf.

  • Are your other stb-tester devices turned on?
  • Are all your stb-tester devices connected to the same subnet?
  • Are all your stb-tester devices upgraded to the same software version?
  • Does your network support mDNS / IPv4 multicast?

Contact if you have a different network configuration.

Live video in the browser is slow, jerky or stops

Perhaps you don’t have enough network bandwidth to stream the full-quality video. Use JPEG thumbnails instead.

Providing logs for the stb-tester support team

Our support team may ask you to provide logs from the Stb-tester ONE device using the following procedure:

  • In your browser go to: http://<ip address of your stb-tester ONE>:8001/diagnostics/stb-tester-logs.tar.gz (note the different port number)
  • Your browser will prompt you to save the file stb-tester-logs.tar.gz.
  • Send this file to