Automated Testing for Roku with Stb-tester

With no built-in test framework - testing Roku apps can be difficult. Unlike white-box testing tools like Selenium - stb-tester just uses the pixels on the screen to test your app - you test what your users see. This means it works just as well with Roku as other set-top box platforms.

Stb-tester UI with a Roku device

Use Stb-tester to:

  • Validate the functionality of your Roku app
  • Measure the performance of Roku app
  • Stress test the stability of your Roku app
  • Accelerate development of your Roku app with Continuous Integration
  • Monitor availability and performance of your service end-to-end over time

Companies around the world trust stb-tester to test their Roku apps including:

The Stb-tester platform supports all roku models. It works with standard Roku as well as all Roku operator partners.

The Stb-tester platform comes with built-in support for:

  • Navigating the Roku menus
  • Collecting BrightScript debug logging
  • Launching your Roku app
  • Deploying your Roku app with Sideloading

It’s easy to get started.

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