tests/images/menu-selection.png didn't match

First pass (find candidate matches):

Searching for template within source image

Pyramid level Match # Searching for template within source regions of interest OpenCV matchTemplate heatmap with method sqdiff-normed (darkest pixel indicates position of best match). matchTemplate heatmap above match_threshold of 0.8 (white pixels indicate positions above the threshold). Matched? Best match position   certainty
2 Matched Position(x=27, y=39) 0.9917
1 Matched Position(x=54, y=77) 0.9855
0 0 Matched Region(x=108, y=155, right=491, bottom=210) 0.9891
Second pass (confirmation):

Confirm method: normed-absdiff

Match # Comparing template against source image's region of interest Normalised template Normalised source Absolute differences Differences above confirm_threshold of 0.30 After eroding 1 time; the template matches if any differences (white pixels) remain

For further help please read stb-tester image matching parameters.