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Automated User Interface testing
for set-top boxes.

Test any device

...that outputs video. Stb-tester issues commands to your device via infrared (or add your own control mechanism), and then checks the results by analysing the device's video output.

Commodity hardware

Stb-tester works with any off-the-shelf video-capture and infrared-emission hardware that has Linux drivers. This makes stb-tester the most cost-effective solution available for large test rigs. There are no license fees for hardware or software.

See our list of recommended hardware.


  • Test end-to-end functionality while you sleep.
  • Detect regressions earlier in the development lifecycle.
  • Remove uncertainty around low-reproducibility defects.
  • Monitor availability of live services.

Key features

  • Emulate user actions via infrared remote control.
  • Recognize specific images such as UI elements.
  • Read text from the screen using Optical Character Recognition.
  • Detect motion, lack of motion, black screen, color tint.
  • Measure duration of channel change, application launch, and other events.
  • Save a video recording, network traces, and extensive logs for each test run.
  • Control the system-under-test's power and network connectivity.
  • View test results in a modern, web-based user interface.

100% open source

Stb-tester is Free Software, released under the LGPL. (Your own test scripts, and infrastructure that you integrate with stb-tester, can remain proprietary.)

Stb-tester uses GStreamer for handling media, and OpenCV for image processing. These are high-quality, stable technologies that power many production systems.

For developers, by developers

Test scripts are written in Python, a general-purpose, high-level programming language known for its ease of use and productivity.

Command-line utilities adhering to the Unix philosophy make it painless to integrate stb-tester with your own test management systems and continuous integration pipelines.

Test results are presented in a modern, web-based interface so you can view and share the results anywhere. The user interface has been carefully designed to optimise the triaging of test failures.

For more information see our extensive developer documentation, which includes introductory material and videos.

Commercial support

We, the core authors of stb-tester, provide consulting services. If you need additional features, help getting set up, or a support contract, view our support offerings and get in touch at .