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Automated User Interface Testing
for Set-Top Boxes, Smart TVs, Consoles, Phones & Tablets.

Test what your users see

Stb-tester issues commands to the device under test in the same way a real user does (infrared signals to a set-top box, or taps & swipes on a mobile device, etc).


Example test script

Stb-tester then checks the behaviour of the device under test by analysing the device’s video output: checking that a particular user interface element appears or disappears, that video plays or pauses, or using optical character recognition to read on-screen text.

Read more about how it works, what devices you can test, and our approach to testing.


  • End-to-end functional testing that is easily repeatable.
  • True black-box testing of your production application – no need for special instrumented builds.
  • Run stress tests around the clock, for weeks or months on end.
  • Detect regressions earlier in the development lifecycle by adding end-to-end testing into your Continuous Integration pipeline.
  • Scale your testing to multiple platforms.
  • Remove uncertainty around intermittent hard-to-reproduce defects by running thousands of test iterations.
  • Clearly communicate the nature of defects with readable test scripts, video recordings of each test run, and a modern web-based reporting interface.
  • Monitor availability of live services – be alerted to service outages before your users notice.

Read more about stb-tester’s benefits and features.

Used by

…and many others. Read testimonials from our users.

Commercial services

test appliance

From the core authors of the stb-tester open-source software:

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100% open source

Stb-tester is open source software, released under the LGPL. (Your own test scripts, and infrastructure that you integrate with stb-tester, can remain proprietary.)

We work in the open with our code on github and technical discussions on our public mailing list.

By leveraging best-in-class open-source technologies such as GStreamer, OpenCV and Tesseract, we can deliver solutions sooner and focus on solving the problems unique to automated full-system testing.

For developers, by developers

Test scripts are written in Python, a general-purpose, high-level programming language known for its ease of use and productivity.

Command-line utilities adhering to the Unix philosophy make it painless to integrate stb-tester with your own test management systems and continuous integration pipelines.

Test results are presented in a modern, web-based interface so you can view and share the results anywhere. The user interface has been carefully designed to optimise the triaging of test failures.

For more information see our extensive documentation, which includes introductory material and videos.

“We wouldn’t have been able to reliably make so many feature improvements to YouView without the use of stb-tester within our overall testing process.”

— Chris Bramley, CTO, YouView TV.