Automated Testing

for Set-Top Boxes and OTT devices

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The Stb-tester Platform

Stb-tester issues commands to your device-under-test in the same way a real user does (typically using an infrared remote control).

Stb-tester then checks the behaviour of the device-under-test by analysing the device’s video output, validating what a real user would see.

The Stb-tester HDMI Nodes are small boxes that sit on your premises connected to your devices-under-test. They capture video from your devices, and execute your automated test scripts.

Using our secure web-based portal you can see live video from your devices, control them manually, run automated tests, and view test results.

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Stb-tester HDMI Node

Testing Services

We are a boutique consultancy specialising in automated test development and execution throughout your project's software development lifecycle.

Our clients include set-top box and TV manufacturers, video-on-demand services and app developers who target OTT devices and similar connected platforms.

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Case study

In November 2015 YouView launched on a range of Sony Bravia televisions across the UK. The biggest technical challenges of the project were in the integration, with frequent releases from YouView, Sony, MediaTek, and Google — often more than one release per week, and each release needed comprehensive testing. Read how supported YouView's launch on Sony Bravia TVs.

  • Stb-tester has helped ActiveVideo to accelerate the continuous integration of the CloudTV software with true set-top-box test automation. The powerful APIs combined with outstanding and timely support made it easy to integrate stb-tester into our test environment. The result is better test coverage and an increase in overall efficiency.

    Michiel Thuijs, VP Engineering, ActiveVideo

    We wouldn’t have been able to reliably make so many feature improvements to YouView without the use of stb-tester within our overall testing process.

    Chris Bramley, CTO, YouView TV

    Stb-tester has made it possible for us to provide test facilities for colleagues in India, as well as in Belgium, who are stuck at home because of the coronavirus crisis. I can't stress enough how crucial this Stb-tester infrastructure is for us nowadays. Our colleagues rely on it for being able to continue their work.

    Karel Van Daele, Engineering team lead, Proximus TV (Belgacom)

    Stb-tester is an important part of Lounge Logic’s continuous integration process. A full test suite can be developed quickly and easily, which saves us time and resources and helps us to quickly find new bugs and regressions.

    Maredudd ap Gwyndaf, Director, Lounge Logic

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of test automation with stb-tester

Test what your users see

True black-box testing of your production application — no need for special instrumented builds.

Catch defects earlier

Add end-to-end testing into your Continuous Integration pipeline to catch defects earlier in the development lifecycle — when it is cheapest to fix them.

Scale your testing

Run more tests, more often, and earlier, against multiple platforms.

Open source

Stb-tester's test-execution engine is open-source software. This gives you an unrivalled level of control and flexibility from your test automation tooling.

The stb-tester project is hosted on Github.