Migrating from StormTest to Stb-tester

If you aren’t able to renew your StormTest licenses, Stb-tester is the ideal alternative to replace StormTest as the next evolution of your test automation infrastructure.

Stb-tester works much the same way as StormTest:

  • We control the devices-under-test —traditional set-top boxes, or “OTT” IP-TV devices like Roku, Apple TV, or PlayStation— by sending remote control signals (infrared, bluetooth, or CEC);

  • and we verify the behaviour of the device-under-test by capturing the HDMI output from the device. Your test scripts can search for reference images, read text from the screen using OCR, measure audio levels, detect content playback, etc.

In this way Stb-tester is a black box test automation tool because we test using the same interfaces as a real human user: The remote control and the audio/video output.

We think you’ll be impressed by Stb-tester’s pricing, flexibility, speed, scalability, and modern developer-friendly tooling.

  • Stb-tester’s pricing is transparent and a much lower total cost than StormTest.
3 example test scripts
  • Stb-tester gives you the power and flexbility of a real Python environment, including the ability to install any 3rd party Python packages.

  • Stb-tester is fast: our image-processing APIs run in real time. This short video shows three scripts that navigate a menu, a grid of players, and an on-screen keyboard, to give you a feel for Stb-tester’s speed and capabilities.

    You can make frame-accurate measurements such as the time to first frame of VoD playback, channel zapping time, page load times, or even the duration of menu animations.

  • Stb-tester is scalable: Tests are executed on the Stb-tester Nodes —small physical hardware on your premises connected to your devices-under-test— allowing low latency and easy horizontal scaling to many devices.

    Stb-tester HDMI Node

    There are no minimum order sizes so you can start with a single Stb-tester Node (which can test a single device at a time) and scale up simply by adding more Nodes.

  • Stb-tester’s cloud-based Portal centralizes your test results and dashboards. It allows you to manage your entire test-farm —which can be spread across multiple locations— from your web browser.

    “Stb-tester has made it possible for us to provide test facilities for colleagues in India, as well as in Belgium, who are stuck at home because of the coronavirus crisis. I can't stress enough how crucial this Stb-tester infrastructure is for us nowadays. Our colleagues rely on it for being able to continue their work.”

    Karel Van Daele, Team lead, Engineering team, Proximus TV (Belgacom)
  • Stb-tester integrates with your developers’ favourite IDEs, and encourages best practices such as version-controlling your test scripts with git.

Our Professional Services team can assist in porting your existing tests to the Stb-tester platform.

Stb-tester.com Ltd. was founded in 2013 and is trusted by operators & OEMs around the world.

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