Automated testing services

We are a boutique consultancy specialising in automated testing for the set-top box, TV, and video-on-demand industries.

We are the authors and maintainers of stb-tester, the best in class, open-source software for automated user interface testing of consumer electronics devices. Our clients include set-top box and TV manufacturers, video-on-demand services and app developers who target set-top boxes and similar connected platforms.

Contact us at to discuss your project. We can engage in an agile manner to limit your risk (starting from as little as 3 weeks).

Our approach to testing

We like to be involved in a project early on. We develop a test suite to match your user interface, and we set up an automated Continuous Integration system so that the tests are running against every change your developers make. This allows you to reap the benefit of test automation throughout the development lifecycle, transforming testing from a bottleneck into an accelerator. (Read more about our approach to testing.)

Case study

In November 2015 YouView launched on a range of Sony Bravia televisions across the UK. The biggest technical challenges of the project were in the integration, with frequent releases from YouView, Sony, MediaTek, and Google — often more than one release per week, and each release needed comprehensive testing. Read how supported YouView’s launch on Sony Bravia TVs.