24 Aug 2021.

Tags: Test Development

Our VSCode IDE integration makes test-script development convenient. With it you get:

  1. Auto-complete for stbt APIs.
  2. API documentation in the IDE.
  3. Linting results in the IDE including stbt specific lints.
  4. Run tests directly from within the IDE, without having to commit or push.
  5. Automatically pushing test-code to the portal for instant feedback in the Object Repository during test script development.

See it in action here:

We have recently revamped our tooling and instructions to make it easy to get started on Windows. There’s now a step-by-step guide (with videos). If you had problems setting up VSCode before, now is a great time to try again.

Check it out here in our manual: Development Environment Setup with VSCode. If you have any difficulty please contact us on support@stb-tester.com and we will help to resolve any issues.