The Stb-tester ONE has been discontinued. Its successor is the Stb-tester HDMI Node.
For more details see Announcing the Stb-tester Cloud Platform.

Stb-tester ONE

The Stb-tester ONE is an appliance for creating and running automated test scripts for a set-top box. Plug the set-top box into the Stb-tester ONE and you can use the web interface to run tests.

We built the Stb-tester ONE to solve the real-world challenges of automated UI black-box testing. We use it ourselves, every day, on our various test automation projects.

For more information see the introductory video and the Stb-tester ONE user manual.


  • Test a single set-top box at a time.

  • Control and view live video from the device-under-test remotely in your web browser.

  • Capture HD video over HDMI.

  • Send IR signals to set-top box.

  • Run Stb-tester test scripts written in Python.

  • Test any set-top box, regardless of the implementation of its UI (RDK, HTML 5, Flash, etc).

  • Perform image analysis to detect menus, icons, etc.

  • Perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to read text on screen.

  • Perform any custom image processing that you implement, for example using the Python opencv library.

  • Run tests via a web interface.

  • Report test results via a web interface.

  • Play back video recordings of previous test runs.

  • Monitor the current status of the device-under-test via the Stb-tester ONE’s web interface.

  • Control power to the device-under-test via external network-controlled power supply (external network-controlled power supply not included).

  • Store test-scripts and configuration in git.

  • Integrate the Stb-tester ONE with external systems via an HTTP REST API.