Tutorials for test developers.

  • Looking for inexact matches

    In this tutorial we learn how to match the background of a menu’s selection indicator, regardless of the text inside the selection. We show you how to tweak stb-tester match parameters, how to test this offline (on your own PC) using stbt-docker, and how to debug image-matching problems.

  • Using Frame Objects to extract information from the screen

    In this tutorial we use stbt.FrameObject to extract information from the screen, and we use stbt lint and stbt auto-selftest to test our Frame Objects very cheaply.

  • Navigating a menu

    In this tutorial we use the Frame Object we created in the previous tutorial, to create a function that knows how to navigate the main menu. This demonstrates how you can use stb-tester’s Python API to build complex behaviours into your test scripts, in a maintainable way.

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