29 Feb 2016.

Tags: Test Development

We have just published three videos showcasing the stb-tester ONE, including a detailed guide for measuring channel change times on a set-top box:

  • Introduction to the stb-tester ONE: Physical setup of the HDMI & infrared connections; using the web interface for manual control and running automated testcases; demonstration of an example testcase against a Roku set-top box; using the interactive results interface.

  • Creating new testcases: The stbt Python API; capturing screenshots from the device-under-test and adding them to your test-pack; using the git version-control tool to manage testcases and deploy them to the stb-tester ONE.

  • Measuring channel change time: Measuring channel change time on a set-top box, then using Jupyter notebook to explore the data interactively and generate a histogram of the measurements.

All three videos are available on our Videos & tutorials page. We have many more tutorials planned, so stay tuned – subscribe to this blog or follow us on twitter for updates.