28 Jan 2020.

Tags: Test Development

Stb-tester provides deep integration with Visual Studio Code, the world’s most popular IDE.1 You can now execute tests remotely (on your Stb-tester Node hardware) right from your IDE. This can greatly speed up your test-development cycle.

'Run Test' button in VS Code, with test logs in the Output window
Run a test directly from VS Code

Clicking the “Run Test” button will automatically perform the following steps:

  • Sync your code (including local uncommitted changes) to the Stb-tester Portal. This uses a temporary git branch so it doesn’t change your local workspace and it doesn’t affect other users.
  • Run the test remotely on your chosen Stb-tester Node.
  • Show the test’s output in VS Code’s Output window.

This is useful during test-development, when you are writing or debugging the test. It greatly speeds up the development cycle because you don’t need to sync the code with a git commit & git push; and you don’t need to switch to the Stb-tester Portal in your browser to select the test or view the logs.

After you are satisfied with your changes, you still need to do a git commit & git push to share your new test with the rest of your team — see our recommended Development Workflow.

To set up this functionality in VS Code, see IDE Configuration in the Stb-tester manual.

  1. According to Stack Overflow’s 2019 developer survey