06 Feb 2020.

Tags: Announcements

Stb-tester now provides tight integration with your organisation’s own GitHub Enterprise instance.

If you use GitHub Enterprise, the Stb-tester Portal can integrate with a test-pack (git repository of test scripts) hosted on your GitHub Enterprise instance to provide the following features (also available for private git repositories hosted on github.com):

  • Transparently sync code from GitHub Enterprise to the Stb-tester Portal and to the Stb-tester Nodes that execute the tests.
  • Transparently sync code from your IDE during test development.
  • Record the exact version of the test scripts that were used in each test-run.
  • Run tests from any git branch.
  • Interactive test-development tools on the Stb-tester Portal, such as the Object Repository.

Furthermore, using GitHub Enterprise allows you to log into the Stb-tester Portal using your organisation’s existing Single Sign-On mechanism — any users that are authorised to access the test-pack git repository, will automatically be authorised to access the Stb-tester Portal. You don’t need to manually manage a separate set of user accounts or permissions.