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06 Feb 2020.

Announcing Stb-tester integration with GitHub Enterprise

Stb-tester now provides tight integration with your organisation’s own GitHub Enterprise instance. Read more...

19 Sep 2019.

Stb-tester v31 released: Python 3 support! On-screen-keyboard navigation! And more!

Version 31 of the Stb-tester core Python API is available, with support for test-scripts written in Python 3 (Python 2 is still supported, too). Read more...

25 Feb 2019.

Stb-tester v30 released: Transparency support, Ubuntu 18.04 and more!

Version 30 of the stb-tester core Python API is available. stbt.match now supports transparency: Transparent pixels in the reference image will be ignored when looking for a match within the video-frame. This is a huge usability improvement when looking for buttons, selections/highlights, and similar outlines that have dynamic content or non-rectangular shapes. Read more...

21 Aug 2018.

Meet Stb-tester at IBC 2018

The Stb-tester team will be at the IBC tradeshow in Amsterdam 14-18 September 2018. Read more...

22 Jun 2018.

Stb-tester v29 released: Audio support and more!

Version 29 of the stb-tester core Python API is now available. This is a significant release with major new APIs for testing audio. Read more...

23 Mar 2018.

Announcing Stb-tester integration with Atlassian Bamboo CI Server

The Stb-tester Platform now supports Atlassian's Bamboo Server for Continuous Integration (CI). Many of our customers already use Bamboo for continuous integration, deployment, and delivery. Now, it will only take a few minutes to get your Stb-tester end-to-end tests running from your Bamboo jobs. Read more...

06 Feb 2018.

Stb-tester v28 released: Multi-threading support, better OCR, better video recordings

Version 28 of the stb-tester core Python API is now available. Read more...

17 Jan 2018.

Announcing the Stb-tester Cloud Platform

Stb-tester’s cloud-based portal centralizes your test results and dashboards. It allows remote testing and live monitoring from anywhere in the world — your devices can be spread across multiple network locations, and your test team can be remote too. Read more...

18 Dec 2015.

New case study: supports YouView’s launch on Sony Bravia TVs

In November 2015 YouView launched on a range of Sony Bravia televisions across the UK. The biggest technical challenges of the project were in the integration, with frequent releases from YouView, Sony, MediaTek, and Google. Read more...