29 Feb 2024.

Tags: Announcements Test Development

Today we have released Stb-tester’s new “Smart Navigation” functions stbt.navigate_1d and stbt.navigate_grid. These functions will autonomously navigate your application’s UI, learning the structure of your menus to speed up future invocations. These are the first of many Machine Learning / AI features on Stb-tester’s roadmap; we think you’ll agree that these new APIs will greatly simplify and speed up your test development.

Key features:

  • Easy to use: There’s very little code for the user (you!) to write.
  • Widely applicable: It’s designed to handle all sorts of menus — lists vs. grids, wrapping vs. non-wrapping, fixed focus vs. moving focus, etc. To customise it for your UI, you only need to provide a Page Object that reads the name of the currently focused item.
  • Robust: Even if the real menu has changed from what we learned the previous time, it will detect this and learn the new structure.

See this screencast for a demo and a thorough explanation: