14 Jun 2023.

Tags: Announcements

Version 34 of Stb-tester’s “stbt” Python API is now available. This release makes important improvements to the motion-detection algorithm of stbt.wait_for_motion and stbt.press_and_wait, born from our personal experience of writing & maintaining tests for Apple TV, DirecTV, Fire TV, Sky, and Xfinity devices over the last 4 years.

This release also enables Pytest by default. Pytest is a popular Python test-runner that provides advanced functionality such as assertion introspection, and fixtures for test setup & teardown. Pytest support was added in Stb-tester v33, but it was disabled by default; in v34 it is the default (and only) test-runner. Our largest customers have been using the Pytest support with v33 for at least 6 months, so we think it’s time that all our users benefit from Pytest’s features. You shouldn’t see any change in behaviour from your tests, except that some of the output in stbt.log will be different (with additional, useful information). To learn more about Pytest see New features in v33: Pytest support.

This release includes several other minor additions and fixes. For full details see the release notes.


Changes to the stbt core Python API, and the test-run environment, are version-controlled. You can specify the version you want to use in your .stbt.conf file. This mechanism allows you to upgrade in a controlled manner, and to test the upgrade on a branch first.