19 Jul 2023.

Tags: Announcements

Stb-tester now supports the TP-Link “Kasa” brand of smart plugs. This rounds out Stb-tester’s already impressive support for a wide range of network-controlled Power Distribution Unit (PDU) models from ATEN, Aviosys, Lindy, PDUeX, and Rittal, which allows you to power-cycle the device-under-test from your test scripts.

PDU Ports Rack mount? Network connection
ATEN PE6108 8 Yes. Ethernet
Lindy IPower Switch 8 Yes. Ethernet
PDUeX KWX 8 Yes. Ethernet
Rittal DK 7955.310 6-18 Yes. Ethernet
Aviosys IP Power 1-8   Ethernet
TP-Link Kasa 1   WiFi

For more details, including configuration instructions and API reference documentation, see Power Distribution Units in the Stb-tester manual.