02 Oct 2020.

Tags: Announcements

Version 32 of the stb-tester core Python API is now available. We have re-architected stbt.Keyboard to easily test on-screen keyboards with multiple modes (such as lowercase, uppercase, and symbols modes). We have added a powerful new API called stbt.find_selection_from_background to easily detect the position of a “selection” or “highlight” on the screen. We have sped up stbt.ocr hugely by caching previous results for identical inputs — so now you can use OCR more freely in navigation code without worrying about slowing down your test scripts.

The are several other new APIs and many fixes and quality-of-life improvements. Upgrading should be painless for most users; the only backwards-incompatible change that will affect most users is with stbt.Keyboard. A detailed tutorial explaining the new API is available here: Testing on-screen keyboards with Stb-tester.

For more details see the v32 release notes.


If you have updated your .stbt.conf file to use the new version but you get the error message “Invalid test_pack.stbt_version value set in your .stbt.conf file. It is currently ‘32’ but must be an integer between 29 and 31”, please contact support@stb-tester.com to schedule a firmware update for your Stb-tester Nodes.