04 Mar 2024.

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Last December our company turned 10 years old (and we had started the Stb-tester open-source project at YouView 18 months before that).

Stb-tester Node active licenses, by year

Since founding our company 10 years ago, we have grown from a services-focused company in the first 2 years, to a primarily product-based company since 2016 with uninterrupted year-on-year sales growth and customers in 4 continents. In 2023 we had our best year yet, with sales up 50% compared to the previous year, and headcount up 25%. Now barely one quarter into 2024, sales are already on trajectory to exceed 2023’s growth, all the while we continue to release new features such as our latest “Smart Navigation” machine learning APIs.

  • 2012
    Started the Stb-tester open source project at YouView.
  • 2013
    Presented Stb-tester at the Google Test Automation Conference in New York.

    Founded Stb-tester.com Ltd.

  • 2014

    First sales of our first product, the “Stb-tester ONE” hardware appliance.

  • 2016
    Revenue from product sales overtook revenue from services work.
  • 2017

    Launched the Stb-tester Cloud portal + new “Stb-tester Node” hardware — enabling centralised access to test hardware spread across any number of physical locations, with slingbox-style video streaming and remote control from any web browser, 5 years before our competitors.

    With this architecture we truly found our “product-market fit” and the sales data shows it!

  • 2018
    Sales of the Stb-tester Node continue to grow rapidly; we have customers in 4 continents.

    Released new audio-testing APIs and groundbreaking “Object Repository” tool for faster test development & maintenance.

  • 2019
    Technical improvements such as Python 3 support, IDE integration, and (as always) we continued to release new & improved image-processing APIs for your test scripts.
  • 2020-2021
    Our sales continued stable (and even grew slightly) throughout the pandemic, thanks in part to our slingbox-style capabilities that enable work-from-home testing.
  • 2022

    We released our “second generation” Stb-tester Node hardware — fanless (totally silent), with a bump to CPU/GPU/RAM specs, and improved supply chain guarantees after weathering the chip shortage of 2021.

  • 2023
    Our best year yet, with sales up almost 50% compared to the previous year and headcount up 25%.

    Scaled our cloud portal architecture to support hundreds of simultaneous Stb-tester Nodes per installation.

    Behind the scenes, a lot of R&D was focused on features you’ll be seeing in 2024…

  • 2024
    The first quarter isn’t over, and we have already released our new “Smart Navigation” machine learning APIs, with many more AI features and “codeless” editing to come!

Backward compatibility

Throughout all our new hardware models, architecture changes, and new APIs, we have maintained compatibility with the test scripts you have written with our older hardware & APIs. Backward compatibility is one of our core company values! We respect the time and effort you have invested into developing your test scripts. We have customers who started with our first “Stb-tester ONE” hardware appliance, migrated from the single-appliance model to our current cloud portal with distributed “Stb-tester Node” hardware, and are still running the same test scripts.

Thank you

We are very thankful to YouView who supported the original development of Stb-tester, and to you, our customers, for your business and feedback throughout the years. Here’s to another 10 years of mutually fruitful partnership!

About Stb-tester

Stb-tester is an automation tool for testing TV & video-streaming apps on real devices such as Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, PlayStation, Roku, XBox, and traditional Set-Top Boxes.