06 Feb 2018.

Tags: Announcements

Version 28 of the stb-tester core Python API is now available.

Changes to stb-tester’s core Python API are version-controlled. You can specify the version you want to use in your .stbt.conf file. See Advanced Configuration: test_pack.stbt_version in our manual.

We generally expect that upgrading to new versions will be safe; we strive to maintain backwards compatibility. But there may be some edge cases that affect some users, so this mechanism allows you to upgrade in a controlled manner, and to test the upgrade on a branch first.

Version 28 includes support for multi-threading in your test scripts; better OCR performance for text on translucent overlays; higher-quality and higher-framerate video recordings of each test-run; and many API improvements. For details see the v28 release notes here.