19 Sep 2019.

Tags: Announcements

Version 31 of the Stb-tester core Python API is available, with support for test-scripts written in Python 3 (Python 2 is still supported, too).

You must specify which Python version to use in your test-pack’s .stbt.conf file like this:

stbt_version = 31
python_version = 3

Valid values are “2” and “3”. The tests are run in an Ubuntu 18.04 environment, so you get Python 2.7 or 3.6, specifically.

We recommend Python 3 for all new test-packs, but there is no immediate pressure to migrate existing Python 2 test-packs. Python 2 test-scripts will continue to work, even after Python 2’s official sunset date in January 2020. To port an existing test-pack see Porting a test-pack to Python 3.

This release also contains new APIs that make it much easier to test on-screen keyboards. We’ll publish tutorials on this blog soon; in the meantime see the stbt.Keyboard reference documentation.

As always, changes to the stbt core Python API are version-controlled. You can specify the version you want to use in your .stbt.conf file. This allows you to upgrade in a controlled manner, and to test the upgrade on a branch first.

This release contains many other improvements and bug-fixes. For full details see the v31 release notes.