13 Dec 2021.

Tags: Announcements

Manual control and live video
in the Stb-tester Portal

The “manual control” role allows users to control devices-under-test remotely, and see live video from the devices, without access to the test scripts in the test-pack git repository. This allows you to grant access to a third party without letting them see the test scripts you have developed which are your own intellectual property.

The Stb-tester Portal uses GitHub OAuth for single-sign-on: Any users with read, write, or admin access to the test-pack git repository have access to the Stb-tester Portal. Users with the new “manual control” role still need a GitHub account for authentication, but they don’t need access to the git repository.

  Manual control Read Write Admin
See live video from device-under-test Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
Save screenshots Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
Use remote control Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
See list of git branches & select branch for remote control configuration Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
See all available remote controls Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
See test scripts No. Yes. Yes. Yes.
Modify test scripts No. No. Yes. Yes.
Run tests No. Yes. Yes. Yes.
See previous test results No. Yes. Yes. Yes.
Access Object Repository No. Yes. Yes. Yes.
Test-farm administration page: See list of Stb-tester Nodes, firmware versions, licenses No. Yes. Yes. Yes.
Test-farm administration page: See list of Users No. No. No. Yes.
Add/remove/change user permissions No. No. No. Yes.

To enable this feature, contact support@stb-tester.com.