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11 Feb 2021.

How to structure your test scripts for maximum re-use across multiple platforms

If you want to test the same app on several different platforms, you want to re-use as much test-script code as possible. For example you might have your app on Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, PlayStation, Roku, XBox, and possibly even some operator-specific set-top box platforms. This article shows how to use the same test scripts and the same Page Objects for all these platforms, and how to manage the cases where your app has differences in appearance or behaviour across platforms. Read more...

30 Apr 2020.

Stb-tester allows you to test set-top boxes remotely

Stb-tester’s cloud-based portal gives you remote access to all the set-top boxes and OTT devices in your test-farm, from anywhere in the world. Many of our customers are using this capability to allow their staff, who are in quarantine during the current coronavirus pandemic, to continue QA activities from home — both manual & automated testing. Read more...

21 Feb 2017.

Testing video playback on mobile devices

There are several mature open source and proprietary tools for testing the user interface of mobile apps on Android and iOS devices, but there aren’t many solutions for internet service providers or video-on-demand streaming services who want to test video playback on real mobile devices to validate their end-to-end video delivery. In this article I’ll discuss various ways of getting video frames from a mobile device for automated testing, and the advantages and trade-offs of each approach. Read more...

29 Jun 2016.

Run your tests!

If you have already automated one or more testcases, run them! Ideally run them every time a developer commits a change to the system-under-test. If that isn’t possible, at least run the tests against nightly builds. Run! Your! Tests! Read more...