NVidia Shield#

Stb-tester supports automated testing on the Nvidia Shield TV and Shield TV Pro.

Stb-tester portal showing live video from an Nvidia Shield TV Pro

Remote control#

Stb-tester uses HDMI CEC to send remote control commands to the NVidia Shield.

You will need our USB CEC adapter. If we didn’t ship one with your Stb-tester device, contact support@stb-tester.com. Plug it in as per the diagram below — the Stb-tester Node will automatically use the CEC adapter if there is no infrared transmitter connected.

CEC is enabled by default on the Nvidia Shield.

Key names#

In your test scripts you can use the following key names:


  • "KEY_UP"

  • "KEY_DOWN"

  • "KEY_LEFT"


  • "KEY_OK"

  • "KEY_BACK"

  • "KEY_HOME"


  • "KEY_PLAY"





"KEY_PLAY" and "KEY_PAUSE" work as expected (tested in the YouTube app). There’s no equivalent of the single “play/pause” button on the remote control (that is, CEC’s "KEY_PLAY" doesn’t pause and "KEY_PAUSE" doesn’t play) so in the remote control image for the Stb-tester Portal’s “manual control” clicking the left half of the button sends "KEY_PLAY" and the right half sends "KEY_PAUSE".

"KEY_FASTFORWARD" and "KEY_REWIND" work as expected (tested in the YouTube app). With long-hold the fast-forwarding/rewinding isn’t as fast as with the real remote control, but it does work.

There’s no CEC equivalent to the Settings button (we tried all 256 CEC key codes). However, you can still get to the same Settings menu by navigating to the gear icon on the home screen using "KEY_UP", "KEY_RIGHT" and "KEY_OK".