Device Configuration#

Remote control configuration#

Stb-tester needs to know the infrared protocol that your device-under-test understands. If you are testing a common device like a Roku, Apple TV, or XBox, we can provide a configuration file that describes the remote control’s infrared protocol. This configuration file lives in your test-pack git repository under config/remote-control/.

If the device is your own set-top box, we will need to record the infrared protocol of your remote control. Please post us your remote-control unit — contact for details.

CEC control#

Some devices use HDMI CEC instead of infrared remote control. To enable CEC on the device-under-test:

  • Apple TV: Enabled by default.

  • Fire TV: Settings > Display & Sounds > HDMI CEC Device Control.

  • NVidia Shield: Enabled by default.

  • PS3: System Settings > Control for HDMI.

  • PS4: Settings > System > Enable HDMI Device Link.


Some devices-under-test may need additional configuration: