Interactive log viewer#

Stb-tester records a video of each test-run, with frame-accurate synchronisation between the video and the logs from your test script.

In the Stb-tester Portal’s test-results view, click on the timestamp of any log line to seek the video to that exact time:

This log is anything printed by your test-script — for example using Python’s print() function, or the debug information that is automatically printed when you call Stb-tester APIs.

The timestamp at the left of each line is the time when Python printed the line. Timestamps from a specific frame of video are also clickable — for example Frame.time, MatchResult.time and MotionResult.time in the debug output from various Stb-tester APIs. These frame timestamps come from our HDMI video-capture hardware. If you’re confused by the difference, consider this koan:

frame = stbt.get_frame()
print(f"The frame was captured at: {frame.time}")

The output would be something like this:

15:19:35.374 The frame was captured at: 1630678765.206 [15:19:25.206]

The log viewer shows timestamps in your local timezone. (In the raw log file, the timestamps are always in UTC.)

The controls under the video player allow you to step forward or backward by 1 frame at a time, or 1 second, or 10 seconds.

Stb-tester’s log viewer is a very powerful tool for triaging test failures and understanding the behaviour of your device-under-test. It’s also useful for spot-checking performance measurements, to gain confidence in the correctness of your test scripts!